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Obernewtyn (Obernewtyn Chronicles, #1)Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Have I said before how much I love audio books? They are the best way to read and do something else! So, with the long wait between titles, I’ve not wanted to get into The Red Queen, (Obernewtyn #7), because I’ve forgotten so much of the original story. Listening to Isobelle read her own work is magical, and despite how long ago it was written, Obernewtyn stands the test of time. Elspeth Gordie is the quintessential ‘clueless’ hero. Kept intentionally ignorant (an uneducated population is a compliant population) the people of the Land are oppressed and fearful. Misfits are shunned, at the most extreme they are burned, and when Elspeth is outed as a Misfit she is sent to the mountains to live at Obernewtyn.
This is a story told within a complete ‘world’, which has been clearly and believably brought to life by Carmody, and the variety of characters and situations, although many, are deftly controlled to benefit the story. This was a most enjoyable reread, and I’m off to borrow the next in the Obernewtyn Chronicles, The Farseekers.

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