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Inbetween Days

Inbetween DaysInbetween Days by Vikki Wakefield
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jacklin/ Jack is on the cusp of adulthood. At seventeen she still has a foot in both camps. Desperate to be independent, she is also incredibly naive, and desperately searching for love – in all the wrong places.
Set in the fictional yet familiar town of Mobius, Jack’s claustrophobic life begins to unravel. She has been stuck in a rut since she left school and home, unable to move beyond the world of her work at the Bent Bowl Spoon roadhouse, her lust for aloof Luke, and the hero-worship of her older sister, Trudy. Jack is finding it hard to make any decision that doesn’t hurt either herself or others, and although she can see the train wrecks coming, she seems to be powerless to stop herself and the hurt she leaves in her wake.

I really enjoyed Inbetween Days, evidenced by my finishing it in a day. All of the main characters are multi-dimensional: flawed, endearing, infuriating, and loveable. Some of the minor characters are a bit sketchy – Roly is your typical jilted friend and Jack’s dad is probably the weakest of the main players – but no-one is really out of place; each has a part to play. This is a polished effort, exploring big themes with an authentic teenage voice.

A coming-of-age novel that REALLY speaks to that theme, in my opinion, Vikki’s best yet. Highly recommended.

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