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RivertimeRivertime by Trace Balla
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a great book. I like it a lot, as it reminds me of my childhood, which we spent adventuring to the hills around Dargo, an island in the middle of Bass Strait, camping at Port Campbell, Cape Patterson, Cumberland River and Saltwater, and exploring the bush around my parents property, making ‘egg and bacon sandwiches’ using Eutaxia Myrtifolia, cutting our legs on the sword-grass, and mashing up the creek to make a mudslide (I’m not proud of that one – my dad was furious!). Uncle Egg is a lot like my Dad, full of knowledge about the flora and fauna, how the tides work and the rivers flow, how ecology makes our world work. Trace Balla’s illustrations and observations remind me of my Mum, her ability to really see the world around her and to create a beautiful representation of it.
How many families would take a week to explore a single river? Probably not many these days, but as Clancy discovers, taking time to slow down and SEE the world can be a rewarding experience. There is so much detail in the illustrations that the book will stand multiple readings. Highly recommended for readers of all ages.

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