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Lost & Found

Lost & FoundLost & Found by Brooke Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s a lot of odd things about this book. I find it hard to believe that a six-year-old and an old man could hide overnight in the same store and not meet each other on the first night. That no-one in the store noticed them walking around in the shop all day. Or that a mother would leave her child and just piss off. Or that anybody would have the name Agatha Pantha.
But there is so much to love about this book too. Millie, Just Millie, is probably the most accurate portrayal of a six-year-old ever. Wise and naive in equal amounts, she rules the story. The aforementioned old man is Karl the Touch Typist. He’s the sort of age that annoys a particular type of selfish daughter-in-law. Packed off to a nursing home, Karl escapes and finds freedom. And the last person in this unlikely trio is Agatha Pantha, who is stuck in a cycle of chaotic, crazy-lady grief. But although their situation seems hopeless, the love and acceptance in both Karl and Millie is boundless, their adventure is hilarious, and the creation of a true relationship heart-warming.
This is a gem of a novel. Equal parts family drama, road trip and love story, it is a story that really satisfies.

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