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Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle, #3)Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater
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Oh my.

(beware – swears)

I finished this in the car this morning, sitting in the car park at work and making myself late, absorbing the last moments of this amazing book.

In The Raven Boys Stiefvater introduced us to the world. There was so much to absorb, so many people, and new ideas, and feelings about the people and the things, that it took two readings to really understand what it *was*.

In The Dream Thieves, I understood the world better, but then we got The Grey Man and Neve and the dark, dark threat of Kravinsky, and the dreams, and there was more to learn and absorb and understand.

In Blue Lily, Lily Blue there is, as Ronan would say, no “fucking around”. The story moves along at a furious pace, and I often found myself driving forward in a tonne of metal and plastic with my mouth hanging open and with no idea of what might have happened around me in the preceding kilometres as the story drew me in and then twisted my thinking.

This is clever, complex, thoughtful, intense writing. The characters are beautifully drawn; the good the bad and the ugly, and Stiefvater doesn’t shy away from the ugliness, or the joy, of human nature. Nor from the nature of things that are not entirely human.

I found it hard to connect with The Raven Boys. Even though I loved the writing I found it hard to really invest in the series, like I was holding back. Now that I’ve finished the third book I realise that this is exactly how the main five characters have been feeling. None of them are really invested in the reality, each holding back a part of their self and their truth out of fear, shame, betrayal, or any number of reasons. As their trust grows their investment in the goal, and in each other, grows and we are drawn into their story. I care so much what happens to all of them.

I cannot wait for the final instalment. I fear tragedy and death, but hope that Glendower is just as Gansey and The Raven Boys imagine him to be – glorious and magnificent.

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One comment on “Blue Lily, Lily Blue

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    Looks like another series I have to catch up on over the summer break. Lucky Uni doesn’t start until March! Kindle time!

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