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The Diggers Rest Hotel

The Diggers Rest Hotel (Charlie Berlin, #1)The Diggers Rest Hotel by Geoffrey McGeachin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A patchy start – this is the first in the Charlie Berlin series – as I felt like I’d been dropped into the the second or third book in the series. No intros, no lead up, just Bang! Dumped into the story. Luckily, the writing warmed up, and I came to enjoy Charlie and the motley crew of characters that populate this book.
Berlin is damaged. Having served in the Second World War, and being taken prisoner by the Japanese, Charlie has returned to his job as a policeman in Melbourne. As is common for this type of cop, he is unwillingly to acknowledge or deal with the aftermath of the war, preferring to self-medicate with cigarettes and whisky. Sent to Wodonga to investigate a series of railways payroll robberies around the area, Charlie discovers (of course) that there is more to the mystery than meets the eye. Throw in a feisty reporter, some dubious country cops, an old army base, some colourful locals, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a complex and enjoyable period mystery.

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