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Tigers on the Beach

Tigers on the BeachTigers on the Beach by Doug MacLeod
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This gently humorous novel is a Doug Macleod gem. Adam is confused, and worried, and well, he’s a teenager, so nothing makes sense. Adam’s best mate is his grandad, and when Grandad dies his whole family seems to go to hell in a hand basket. Grandma moves out of her house and into a caravan, Adam’s parents are arguing about everything, Adam’s brother is…unusual to say the least, and let’s not even think about girls!
Macleod has the thought patterns of a young teenager down pat. The jumping to conclusions, assumptions that everything always stays the same and safe, and the complete and utter mystery of the opposite sex. Ah, boys.
Adam is gorgeous – funny, ridiculous and boyish one minute – serious, concerned and loving the next. The relationship between Adam and his brother is wonderful. It is soooo hard to deal with someone who thinks differently to you, but Adam’s patience and concern for his brother is just beautiful. As is the relationship Adam clumsily builds with Sam, who is a girl worth pursuing, IMHO!
There is an obligatory baddie, and he is probably the least successful and most caricatured person in the book, but the rest of the story more than makes up for it.
Recommended for upper primary/ lower secondary readers – and anyone who loves a good, funny, well-written family story.

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