The Sequin Star

The Sequin StarThe Sequin Star by Belinda Murrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m a fan of Belinda Murrell. I love her time-slip novels for younger readers. They always have strong female leads, interesting historical back-stories and a nice juicy mystery. And The Sequin Star doesn’t disappoint.
Claire is struggling with being a tween. Her best friend is all cool and I don’t care, and is going to give up ballet lessons because she sick of the teacher telling her what to do. Claire decides that she is going to give up ballet as well. It’s all too hard, and she can never seem to please the teacher either.
Claire’s granny is her biggest supporter, but Claire realises that, lately, she hasn’t been seeing her gran as often as she used to, and well, she misses her.
Whilst at a ballet performance, Claire’s gran falls down the stairs and has to go to hospital. While tidying gran’s flat, Claire discovers a sequinned star which she knows was a special keepsake of her grandfather. Claire slips the star into her pocket, and whilst on the way home she steps out from behind a bus and into the path of a cyclist. When she wakes, Claire has slipped into the 1930s and into a circus.
The Sequin Star is fun and interesting. The characters are varied, the historical research excellent, and the plotting of the mystery clever. Recommended.

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