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That Boy, Jack

That Boy, JackThat Boy, Jack by Janeen Brian
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Geographical ignoramus that I am, I had no idea where Moonta was/ is – blessed be the mapmakers.
That Boy, Jack is a great middle-school read, full of interesting historical information about the Cornish miners and their families who immigrated to Australia for a better life. Geez, their lives in Cornwall must have been diabolical because the life of a miner in the Spencer Gulf region of South Australia was no stroll in the park.
We meet our hero, Jack Pollock, and his best mate, Gilbert Oates, at the bonfire celebration for Midsummer Eve, which is, of course, in the middle of winter in Australia. Jack and Gilbert are inseparable and mischievous, but both know their manners and their letters, thanks to their firm parents and their wonderful teacher, Miss Goldsworthy. As they approach 12 years of age Gilbert becomes keen to go into the mines. But Jack isn’t so sure. He likes school and he knows his Mam wants him to stay.
A very enjoyable read for middle school students.

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