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The Pirate Company: On the Trail of the Golden Toucan

The Pirate Company: On the Trail of the Golden ToucanThe Pirate Company: On the Trail of the Golden Toucan by Susan Cason
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tom Applecross is being sent far, far away. His stepmother has decided that Tom’s explorer father, Josiah Applecross, is dead, and that Tom would be much happier living with Great-Aunt Audrey in Boston. She packs Tom off on the Marie-Galante, waving bravely from the Port Pandora harbour and dabbing her eyes, before practically sprinting into a waiting carriage. All is well on the trip, and Tom has plenty of time to think about the situation, until the Marie-Galante is attacked by pirates. And his life changes dramatically.

Well, this book is a lot of fun. Tom is a great main character – resourceful and optimistic, even in the face of treachery and theft. The pirates are very “Pirates of the Caribbean” with codes, guidelines and rules that get bent to suit the situation. The baddies are very bad, and the heroes are heroic and smart, especially Rosie. Captain Shearwater is honourable, and helps Tom to see and think clearly about his predicament without fear nor favour.

Recommended for younger readers – Years 2-8, but really, I enjoyed it heaps, and can’t wait for the sequel!

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