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Athlete vs. Mathlete

Athlete vs. MathleteAthlete vs. Mathlete by W.C. Mack
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Athlete vs. Mathlete is nicely done. Twin brothers Owen and Russell are comfortable in their roles. Owen is ‘the sporty one’, and as he heads into middle school he’s confident that his career in basketball is assured. Russell is ‘the geeky one’, leader of the Master of the Minds club and maths wiz, he’s happy hanging out with his geeky friends.
The new coach of the basketball team, Coach Baxter, throws a spanner in the works. He wants Russell to try out for the basketball team – just because he’s tall! Neither of the boys knows how to react to this. They are so used to being ‘the jock’ and ‘the nerd’ that they really struggle to figure out exactly who they are becoming.
I enjoyed this book. The boys ‘voices’ were authentic and the middle school setting was handled well. The problems in the boys’ lives, and the reactions of their friends and parents are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but ultimately satisfying. Recommended for middle school – Yr 5-8.

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