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The Ink Bridge

The Ink Bridge by Neil Grant My rating: 3 of 5 stars The stories of Omed and Hec, two young men who can’t and won’t speak. Omed is an Afghan trying to escape the Taliban. Hec is an Australian trying to escape his memories. The first two parts are the boys’ stories up until their […]

The Mystery of the Golden Card

The Mystery of the Golden Card by Garth Nix My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a really consistent, well-written series. The twins are engaging (although, as an adult I sometimes find them so infuriatingly stubborn!) and the adventures are spine-tingling and suspenseful. I also find myself getting very irritated with Grandma X when […]

The ink bridge – Neil Grant

Originally posted on BevsBookBlog:
Grant’s penmanship transports the reader to a world known only by Afghanis.  The abject fear instilled in them by the Taliban and by the poverty, hardship and sheer terror that surrounds them on a daily basis unfold slowly and clearly reaching into the very soul of those reading it.  Grant’s choice…

Mixed May? – R.J. Palacio – Wonder

Originally posted on bookgenremonthly:
I must admit I have been struggling with sticking to one theme per month, unless it is one that really captures my attention like last month’s books about autism. I was going to focus on mythical books for May (Mythical May), then I jumped to thinking about other styles of fantasy…