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Song for a Scarlet Runner

Song for a Scarlet RunnerSong for a Scarlet Runner by Julie Hunt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, oh, oh. Peat is wonderful! Strong, yet cautious; brave, but fearful; selfish but also full of compassion for the lost, the old and the imprisoned. She is feisty, free and faithful. And she is totally up for the adventure that unfolds in the page of Song for a Scarlet Runner.
The supporting cast is well written, too, even the cows that Peat cares for at the start of the story have personality – especially the young and naughty calf, Bright. From Peat’s sister and aunt, through to the stranger, the sleek, the swamp auntie, Mother Moss, the Siltman and his dogs, and finally Siltboy and Shadow, each of the characters has a part to play, and they play it well.
This is a quest novel with a difference. There are no treasures to be found, no dire enemies to defeat, no thrones to reclaim – other than the treasure of love kept strong in a heart; the defeat of death; and the kingdom of family to reclaim.
Song for a Scarlet Runner is a celebration and warning of the power of words. What they can give, and what they can take away. Magical.

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