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Path of Beasts

Path of Beasts (The Keepers, #3)Path of Beasts by Lian Tanner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goldie and Toadspit are at it again – right in the thick of the intrigue and politics of the town of Jewel. After their trials in the City of Lies, Goldie and Toadspit return to Jewel to find that it, and the Museum of Dunt are, once again, under attack. The Museum is most upset, and it is taking all of Sinew, Olga Ciavolga and Herro Dan’s skill to keep the contents of the museum from running amok in the streets of Jewel. Can the children devise a plan to save Jewel? And can they do it on their own? Or do they have allies that they don’t yet know about?
This is the last book in what has been an extremely strong trilogy. Each part stands complete and on it’s own, and also works as a complete story. Lian Tanner has deservedly won the Aurealis Award for Younger Readers for each of the first two parts of the trilogy – and this instalment must also be in the running. Quality writing.

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