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Silvermay (Silvermay, #1)Silvermay by James Moloney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


James Moloney is back with a bang. This is a sweeping saga of intrigue and the power of fear, but also of courage and the power of love.

Silvermay is young. She lives in the countryside outside the large town of Vonne. She has little understanding of how cities work, but she is a skilled hawker, thanks to her father, and an astute reader of people, thanks to her mother. Silvermay’s parents embody love and rational thought, and Silvermay blossoms under their attentions.

Nerigold and Tamlyn are from Vonne. Nerigold has recently had a child, and she and Tamlyn are travelling hard and fast away from the city. When Nerigold collapses not far from Silvermay’s house after being turned away from the town inn, Silvermay’s family does not hesitate to take them in, baby Lucien included.

So begins this amazing novel, book one of a three part series. Get it, read it, love it!

(Spoiler Alert: don’t read the blurbs for the next two books which are at the end. JUST DON’T!)

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